The Price of Peace

Falcon's Hollow


The party arrives on a caravan headed to Edshod, the coastal capital of the Kingdom of Plinth. A mob through the main path blocks passage and the wagon drivers use the delay as an excuse to lodge for the night. The party disembarks and chooses to investigate the mob. Nym attempts to sneak forward through the legs of the crowd. Dwarfizm grows impatient and strikes a citizen on the back with his warhammer, Stubby, knocking the man prone. The crowd panics and flees, leaving the path to the mob’s target, Roots and Remedies, open.

Inside they find a stressed Laurel, the town’s apothecary. She’s been working non-stop to find a cure for a recent affliction that has befallen the town and is killing its citizens. A blight caused by blackscour mold that has made its way into many of the towns wells.

The town sets off first to the lumbercamp to find the location of the witch’s hut and the eldest tree in the forest. They come to the camp and discover the Foreman Milon Roddham’s nephew has come down with the blight, and is willing to help the adventurers.

On the road they’re ambushed by a rogue hobgoblin named Knifetongue who has used a foxpup as bait. The heroes killed the hobgoblin, heal the fox, and let it free. They rest for the night with the druid using Obscuring Mist, and sleep.


ZacharyGallagher ZacharyGallagher

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