The Price of Peace

The Dwarven Monastery

The heroes rise and head for the witch’s hut. They find it deserted. Disturbing the goods in the hut awakens an enchanted cauldron. Frantically searching for the necessary herbs while some of the party handles the cauldron, they find the ingredients and run from the hut.

Next comes the tree in which resides a territorial dragonkin, which they distract with meat and intimidate while Nym sneaks over and collects the moss needed for the potion.

Then the monastery. They first open a door with a giant spider, then head into the monastery. Instead of exploring the monastery they head straight for the wolf tracks and find Greypelt who offers them free passage to the cave downstairs if they’ll clear it out of monsters.

As they descend the steps a mysterious figure appears above as giant stone doors close on them locking them into the cave below.

Exploring the cave they discover a drow witch living in these caves. She decides to help them out of the cave. Leading them through the winding ruin they discover kuo-toa investigating a mysterious altar. They defeat the kuo-toa only to be betrayed by the witch who raises them with a mysterious amulet, and fight the party again.

They defeat the witch, and all but the cleric and the sorcerer gaze into the altar. Nothing seems to happen save for an initial strange sensation.

They exit the mines through and come out in a well. Above them they hear two mysterious male voices talking saying “Elara took care of them” and “The treaty is in only two days.” Then they dump a burlap sack down the well and ride off. Inside the sack is the corpse of Laurel, who sent them on this quest. Dwarfizm loots the corpse for 2 pieces of silver.

They climb out of the well and make camp for the night. All the adventurers who had peered into the alter hear a voice momentarily which says, “Who are you?”

In the morning they split up, the druid and the ninja heading for the city of Edshod where the supposed treaty is to take place. The other 3 heading for Falcon’s Hollow to bring the ingredients to the town.


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