The Price of Peace

Return to the Hollow

Dwarfizm, Alice and Cia return to Falcon’s Hollow at night to find Laurel’s shop locked. They break down the door to find the hut ransacked and are surprised when they see a man holding an old book who bursts through an open window in the back. Dwarfizm gives chase. Cia hangs back to look for the book and Alice chases after Dwarfizm. Dwarfizm catches the man who turns out to be a night worker at the lumberyeard named Fenton who was given this job by a hooded man with a scarred hand.

They take the book and find that it is the one they were looking for. Dwarfizm steps outside for a moment to see a man coming down the street. He calls out that he is the sheriff and Dwarfizm runs. Cia stays in the hut and Alice runs around the back and hides in a bush. Dwarfizm runs through the fence and climbs the ladder, the sheriff chases after.

The chase continues through an alley, across a wide street where 6 more town guards join the chase.

The chase continues through a shop and into another main street, where Dwarfizm sees crossbowmen on a roof setting flaming bolts into their crossbows. The guards throw pots at him of oil which both strike and cover Dwarfizm in oil.

He dodges into another door which happens to be a house. Inside the house he bursts through the first door which is a bathroom, the second door is a bedroom and Dwarfizm dives under the bed.

Cornered, he is eventually arrested. Cia and Alice wait outside the town in camp until morning.

Morning comes and they go to retriece Dwarfizm and tell their story. The sheriff hears it out begrudgingly and sends guards to fetch the men named Fenton who then admits it was he who stole the book.

Dwarfizm is released and the party is about to leave when the town is attacked by goblins. Darius the sheriff leads them to the residential quarter where the goblins are carrying in a large wooden box. They kill the goblins before they’re able to open the box, but the cart is still knocked over and an ogre bursts out, taking hits from the party and guards as he climbs out of the box. The party kills the ogre and more goblins before the remaining goblins flee towards the center of town. They find the goblins crowding into an old temple that has been repurposed for a new god. Inside are many goblins and a handful of black clad figures conversing with the priest of the temple.

They kill two of the ninjas while the rest flee. They find the priest and interrogate him as to what was going on.

They learn the ninjas were trying to clear the town for some reason, and to kill the party members. They also learn the ninjas show up regularly to inquire as to the sermon of the priest, and that the ritual water dispensed during the services is somehow magical and possibly charming the citizens. Dwarfizm kills the priest and they loot his hall. Dwarfizm finds an ensorcelled gem that steals & stores life. Alice finds a bag of holding, and Cia finds a glowing dagger. Dwarfizm tests his gem on Darius who falls unconscious. Dwarfizm flees. The girls bring the sheriff back to the barracks, claim he was wounded in the fight. They all flee the town, and Alice promises to shave Dwarfizm’s beard at the first opportunity.

The Dwarven Monastery

The heroes rise and head for the witch’s hut. They find it deserted. Disturbing the goods in the hut awakens an enchanted cauldron. Frantically searching for the necessary herbs while some of the party handles the cauldron, they find the ingredients and run from the hut.

Next comes the tree in which resides a territorial dragonkin, which they distract with meat and intimidate while Nym sneaks over and collects the moss needed for the potion.

Then the monastery. They first open a door with a giant spider, then head into the monastery. Instead of exploring the monastery they head straight for the wolf tracks and find Greypelt who offers them free passage to the cave downstairs if they’ll clear it out of monsters.

As they descend the steps a mysterious figure appears above as giant stone doors close on them locking them into the cave below.

Exploring the cave they discover a drow witch living in these caves. She decides to help them out of the cave. Leading them through the winding ruin they discover kuo-toa investigating a mysterious altar. They defeat the kuo-toa only to be betrayed by the witch who raises them with a mysterious amulet, and fight the party again.

They defeat the witch, and all but the cleric and the sorcerer gaze into the altar. Nothing seems to happen save for an initial strange sensation.

They exit the mines through and come out in a well. Above them they hear two mysterious male voices talking saying “Elara took care of them” and “The treaty is in only two days.” Then they dump a burlap sack down the well and ride off. Inside the sack is the corpse of Laurel, who sent them on this quest. Dwarfizm loots the corpse for 2 pieces of silver.

They climb out of the well and make camp for the night. All the adventurers who had peered into the alter hear a voice momentarily which says, “Who are you?”

In the morning they split up, the druid and the ninja heading for the city of Edshod where the supposed treaty is to take place. The other 3 heading for Falcon’s Hollow to bring the ingredients to the town.

Falcon's Hollow

The party arrives on a caravan headed to Edshod, the coastal capital of the Kingdom of Plinth. A mob through the main path blocks passage and the wagon drivers use the delay as an excuse to lodge for the night. The party disembarks and chooses to investigate the mob. Nym attempts to sneak forward through the legs of the crowd. Dwarfizm grows impatient and strikes a citizen on the back with his warhammer, Stubby, knocking the man prone. The crowd panics and flees, leaving the path to the mob’s target, Roots and Remedies, open.

Inside they find a stressed Laurel, the town’s apothecary. She’s been working non-stop to find a cure for a recent affliction that has befallen the town and is killing its citizens. A blight caused by blackscour mold that has made its way into many of the towns wells.

The town sets off first to the lumbercamp to find the location of the witch’s hut and the eldest tree in the forest. They come to the camp and discover the Foreman Milon Roddham’s nephew has come down with the blight, and is willing to help the adventurers.

On the road they’re ambushed by a rogue hobgoblin named Knifetongue who has used a foxpup as bait. The heroes killed the hobgoblin, heal the fox, and let it free. They rest for the night with the druid using Obscuring Mist, and sleep.

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